Emotional Coaching

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What is Emotional Coaching

Emotional coaching is a coaching method developed by Vera Helleman.

The method of Emotional Coaching helps us to restore emotional balance in any of the life themes. It is an empowering way to learn to deal with one’s thoughts, convictions and emotions. If understood and practiced, it leads to a more fulfilling life in connection with one-self and others.

When is it relevant 

It is relevant when there are recurring emotional issues in your life that you struggle to handle. For instance in your relationships (eg. repeated destructive patterns towards yourself and others, heartbreaks, jealousy), at your work (eg. feeling insecurity, rejection, stress) and life in general (eg. anxiety, anger, blaming). Emotional coach can help you restore connection with your inner source of love, freedom and balance. 

There is a general hesitance to reach out to a coach. Some people like think that the issues they have are too small, or that they are in control, or that nobody can really help. And of course there is often a price-tag that scares people away. Emotional Coaching is a very light-touch form of coaching, and often 1 session is enough to provide inspiration and insights to drastically change your attitude to things that bother you. Once you get insight and understand the basics, you will start becoming your own coach and learn to better deal with the emotional triggers that happen to all of us continuosly.

Curious? Lets connect and experiment how this might enhance your Life experience.

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