Beach yoga

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The Beach Yoga season 2024 has finally started on the 7th of April! Everyone is welcome! 

Standard Date & Time (exceptions are in brackets)

Sunday 11.00-12.00 (next class Sunday 28th April)

Latest information o the Date & Time will be updated on this website, due to the weather we sometimes have to cancel. 

If you decide on coming regularly, you can be added to a WhatsApp group to enable faster & easier communication.

Level:  we practice Vinyasa yoga, adjusted to the needs of participants and weather conditions. Very suitable for beginners. Yoga is for Everyone!

What to bring: a towel or a yoga mat is advisable

What to wear: please always dress in layers as conditions can change quickly at the beach

Language: English and/or Dutch depending on the class composition. 

Costs: 2 trial lessons for free, afterwards 10 euro per month. 

In case you are wondering why this is so cheap. I believe that yoga is good for everyone and hence should be accessible to everyone. I am making use of the fact that I don’t need to make a living out of yoga teaching, it is my passion and currently still a hobby. 

– For more details please contact me on 0646394610.

Location: Beach next to la Cantina (beach exit 12) in the Hague

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