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Why do we love Holidays?

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Why do we love Holidays? What do holidays bring that we are not getting in our ‘normal’ life? Why do we often feel the blues when we get back from holidays and have to face ‘the reality’? and start to plan the next holiday immediately?

The answer could be – because we work too hard and need to rest. Because we get tired of the routine and want a change of scenery. Because we like to do adventurous and new things which we can’t do when we have to work. And more of the same.

I reckon the essence of all of these reasons is the same. And that essence is that we want to get closer to and remind ourselves of who we really are. Mostly unconsciously, we want to temporary des-identify ourselves with the roles that we play all year around. Being parents, children, workers, house owners, car owners etc etc. We want to step out of those roles and Just Be. Just Be happens automatically when we are sufficiently rested, doing something that we really enjoy and that keeps us in the moment. We return to who we really are. Being Free. Being the Self. Experiencing the Silence. The Divide within. The Oneness. We love it and want more of it…

The problem presents itself when we get back and need to put back the costume and play the role we are playing. ‘Get back to the routine’ is the more common, less spiritual expression, meaning the same thing. We get back into routine and we quickly tend to loose that peaceful and self-sufficient feeling that we had on holidays. We loose the connection with the Self and get back to identifying ourselves with the roles we play in life.

Can we do something about it? Yes we can. The first step is the realization that this is how it works. The second is creating opportunities, finding time in our ‘normal life’ that allows us to experience the Oneness, allows us to return, even for a second, to who we really are. 

There are many ways to do that reconnection. Spend time alone in nature (seaside, woods, park..), meditate frequently (even if very short, even when doing the washing up..), spend time alone full stop. Me-time is the popular term. That is the reason we needs me-time. To reconnect with the Self, to get a glimpse of Oneness amidst the ‘normal life’. Then all of a sudden the concept of going on holidays (or not being able to go) looses some of its weight. And coming back from holidays doesn’t feel as sobering anymore. We can be on an ‘inner holiday’ every day, any day.

Imagine the white sands, the sound of sea waves, nothing to worry about, no crying kids, no demanding bosses, no to-do lists….totally free….How do you feel? Can you make that feeling big? bigger? can you stay in it? how do you feel if you carry on for a minute or two? 

You don’t need to go places to access that feeling….Its all in You…

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