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Universe doesn’t hear NO

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Have you also noticed that universe doesn’t hear the No, Not, Don’t, I’m afraid of, I hate and so on?

What it hears is the rest of the sentence you are thinking, but it totally ignores the negation….And so it will ‘ensure’ you will be getting in your life more of the things you really don’t want.

If you are often thinking ‘I don’t want to loose my job‘, it hears ‘I want to loose my job‘ and the chances are high that eventually you will loose the job.  If ‘I don’t like to feel this way‘ is spinning in your mind, universe will create conditions for you to continue feeling the same way.  And if  you are thinking ‘I don’t want to get ill‘ guess what is likely to happen…

In case you have not noticed this and are curious, try to experiment. Are there are currently any things in your life that you Don’t want? And have you Not wanted them already for a while?  If the answer to both questions is Yes, then you might want to try to turn it around. Rather then thinking of what you Don’t want, Don’t like and Don’t need,  try to think of what you do Want, Like and Need.  You might be surprised…. 

I definitely was surprised when I came across this in my first ever ‘spiritual’ book more than 7 years ago,  a beginners must-do called Cosmic ordering service. Back then it seemed miraculous but I quickly realized how true it was. I realized how I managed to manifest things I really didn’t want, and the revelation of this very simple universal law totally changed my life.

Of course, this law does not only apply to our conscious thoughts that we can manage to ‘turn around’ relatively easy with some practice. It also applies to our deeper held (semi) unconscious  believes and convictions. Those are often much more difficult to tackle and can seriously sabotage our happiness. Luckily we have tools in our human repertoire to handle those as well….

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2 thoughts on “Universe doesn’t hear NO”

  1. I am totally agree with it. You have to formulate your wish positive and without “no” and “don’t”.

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