Completely happy

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Earlier this week I had one of those days….nothing was wrong yet I was feeling unsettled, not fully present and easily irritated.  Could have been the job, too many things on my mind, the heat or a combination of those.

At some point, during my afternoon coffee break, I opened up FB and stumbled across a new video by one of my friends. It was short so I watched it. The story was about husband of my friend sharing how ‘completely happy’ (volmaakt gelukkig) he felt on a certain occasion when he got something he longed for. The occasion didn’t really matter. My friend in her video was focussing on the effect that those words ‘completely happy’ had on her, while mindfully repeating them several times on video. She was totally feeling for herself how one feels when one is completely happy. And so she offered that as a practice to see what happens.

I liked the video, it gave a good feeling. Not consciously planning to do any practice, I repeated few times to myself, completely happy….completely happy….completely happy….

Later on that day and the following days that feeling of complete happiness was present more and more often spontaneously. Every time I noticed it, I paused whatever I was doing and repeated to myself ‘completely happy… completely happy… completely happy…’

The culmination was this weekend….It could have turned to be a feeling-busy weekend, with many appointments for me & Mark and many chores to be done. The appointments happen so did the chores.  Yet it didn’t feel rushed or tiring or busy. There was time for myself,  things were in flow, weather was beyond expectation. I felt completely happy… 

So today, one of the longest days of the year, I would like to share and spread this practice further…. 

We have all that we need, its all there in us. We can manifest and return to the state of  completely happy…

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