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Trust in Life

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This morning I went running on the beach, my moment of active meditation, and the word Trust came up very prominently in myself. So prominently that I decided its time for another post…

We all have our moments of doubt, in ourselves, in others, in Life in general. It is helpful in those moments to fall back on the sense of Trust in life, genuine trust that things always unfold for the better, even if its sometimes only clear in the hindsight.

Do you have Trust in life?

I was lucky to develop the basic Trust in the process of life several years ago. An event that felt dramatic at the time turned out to be the best gift of life and a turning point in my journey. From that realization onwards, that Trust continues to grow and I am often reminded of it, provided I’m awake, not too consumened by my mind.

Trust is not to be confused with Acceptance, Fatalism or Self-confidence. Trust can be practiced through Acceptance of what Is, but for me its bigger, more positive than Acceptance. Trust in life isn’t the same as Fatalism – life is unpredictable and Trust just means that whatever happens, you will know what to do and eventually everything happens for the better. And Trust is also not same as Self-confidence –  its bigger. Trust can help develop self-confidence that you will handle best in any given situation. Without Trust self-confidence means an illusion of being able to control one’s life.

What does this type of Trust mean in practice? 

It means that I have confidence that the right ideas will come to me at the right time, be it private or work related. That I will have the energy to do what needs to be done. That I will have right (inner or outer) advice at the moment I will need it. And that if neither of the above happens, whatever I intended or wanted was not a good idea anyway!

Like yesterday, last day of great long holiday with my son, my focus was on having a last fun day together, and so we did. And this morning, I woke up early, full of energy and new ideas for the coming time when I will have more headspace  – things I’d like to pick up, people I would like to see and so on. I did not think of any of them yesterday, as it was not the right time.

Those small routine ocassions remind me to trust that its true also for the bigger things. That even if my intentions and plans arent always running at speed, if they come from the heart, they will materialize at the right time. Trust that if something unpleasant happens, I will know at that moment what to do, so no need to worry about it upfront. And trust that often simingly unpleasant events, which at the very moment can feel very unfair and painful, can turn out to be for the better after all.

As a dear friend biodanza teacher recently said in a vivencia – Everything is exactly right just as it is….otherwise it would have been different! 

Having the Trust in life its not easy and it doesn’t come natural to many of us. It didn’t come easy to me, I was a real control-freak, trying to plan and control things in life….until I learned that it really doesn’t work. Doesn’t mean that I never get back those old controlling patterns in my daily life at times, and so I continue learning and embedding the Trust in the way I live each day.

So why is Trust helpful? Because it allows me to relax, let go of things and have inner  piece. It also gives me strength to pursue what feels right, even if it doesn’t work out immediately. All flowers come out at a different time…

I’m nothing special, and so it this works for me, it works for everyone else. And I have trust that it works for the world in general. Even though we might not see it (yet).

Are you experiencing that kind of Trust? 

We are all different and we all learn in a different way. Maybe you will realize like myself that smth ‘bad’ turned out to be rather great afterall. Maybe you will start small, start with acceptance, meditate on Tust and build it overtime. Maybe its not (yet) for you and you prefer to continue living in the illusion of being able to control your life. Or maybe you even believe that life sucks and we are here to suffer and survive…the choice is yours what to believe in:)

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