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This too shall pass

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We all have them… Those days, weeks or even months when different parts of our lives seem to go off tangent,  unpleasant surprises happen and we seem to loose ‘our flow’. 

As much as I believe in manifesting our conscious and unconscious thoughts into our reality, that manifestation goes for only part of what happens in our lives. Some things don’t seem to be clearly related to our thoughts (or maybe I’ve not yet discovered a clear link). 

So what to do when we are in those ‘black stripes’ of a zebra-like life path?

I had one of those last week. Started off with minor but unpleasant knee injury preventing me from beach running, several corona cases in our class resulting in full closure for 10 days, intense family confrontations, final week of tiring job uncertainty at work. Culminating yesterday, when I was looking out the window seeing the whole neighbourhood enjoying the sun while I was holding a suddenly sick child who spent most of the afternoon either in my arms or on the toilet. And at night I woke up with a painful ear infection that kept me awake for hours…

What helps me in those moments, are 2 things:

1) Take a deep outbreath and keep reminding myself that ‘this too, shall pass’ as it always does. Sun is always there, just sometimes there are clouds covering it up…

2)  While recognising it, consciously put as little emphasize as possible on the fact that its not going great right now. Not call others to complain, not feel sorry for myself and anything of that order (as this is one sure way to attract more of the same…). Instead, do something I really enjoy, get rest and if nothing else comes to mind, go back to point 1 :)

and yes, this morning the tide seems to have started to turn…

What are your (inner) resources to deal with your moments of not being in the flow’? Please share in comments! 

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3 thoughts on “This too shall pass”

  1. Henry Jacques Bakker

    Healthy mind, healthy body. This radiates simplicity without simplifying. It is not always easy – but maybe that’s the point. Or at least one of them! I remember reading somewhere that anything worth having is not easy to attain.

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