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And then there are Miracles…
They happen to us all the time, but are we noticing them? 
Is it a miracle or a coincidence, that when the elections are coming up and you haven’t really been reading into it, but you have not been happy with the way current government handles the corona situation, all of a sudden you get a piece of info ‘in your face’ that makes your elections choice really easy?
Is it a miracle or a coincidence that the morning before your have several calls with important folks about resourcing, an idea comes to mind to chat with an old colleague, and suddenly the answers and choices you couldn’t figure out fall into place, just in time for those calls?
Is it a miracle or a coincidence, that when you have an evening appointment coming up and have nothing sorted for the babysitting, a sleepover offer comes from a friend for the same night?
And is it a miracle or a coincidence, that the moment you give in on something or put it aside, all of a sudden impossible becomes possible? For weeks you were getting an answer from system support at work that something just can’t be changed, you totally accepted and moved on from it, only to hear more than 10 days later that this particular change could be done after all?
They are all around us…
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