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What does Christmas really mean to You?

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As an adult, Christmas for me has been about spending time with my family and friends, celebrating being together and sending good wishes to others. The original meaning of the birth of Jesus has not deeply resonated with me, i.e. I would not raise my glass to Jesus’s birthday as I would at a birthday party of someone else;)

Yesterday we were watching the Christmas story cartoon from kids Bible with my 6-years old. I like how they tell the story in clear kids language, Mark really enjoyed it and asked some rather deep questions. A little while after, suddenly it struck me, maybe triggered by the shiny new star suddenly appearing on the sky to indicate the birth of the  baby. I realized that for me, the story of birth of Jesus is in fact a story of (re) birth of the Divine within me. In modern spirituality this is called awakening, the moment when you realize that you are not your body & mind, when you become aware of your inner Light. And that does deeply resonate with me. I feel very grateful for the fact that I am awake. Christmas day then becomes a symbolic day to celebrate the awakening of the Divine Light inside each of us.  The actual moment of awakening is different for everyone, and for some it might still be coming. And so we have one day in a year, day when the baby Jesus was born, when we can collectively stand still and be grateful for realizing that we are part of the Divine.  Now when raising my glass to Christmas, I will actually raise the glass to my own Light and to that of everyone else.

To continue on a symbolic note, when the baby Jesus is born, it still needs to grow and learn how to manifest his Divide nature into the world and become what is called enlightened. And so also for us, once we become aware of who we are, it doesn’t make us yet saint. It takes years of practice to fostering loving thoughts and deeds. And just like a child needs nurturing and care as he discovers the world, so do we need self-acceptance and self-forgiveness as we move on our journey and make our mistakes.

And what do you mean when you say Merry Christmas? What does it really mean to you?

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