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Everything is always changing

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Everything is always changing…Nothing stays the same…Ourselves, our family members, the world around us. Change is the only constant. In Sanskrit they refer to this universal law as Anisha.

Sometimes we like something and we want to keep it, make it stay, get attached to it and sad when we have to let it go. The moment we feel the sadness coming, we can choose to shift the focus on being grateful for the experience and accepting that the change is constant.

Mastering this mindset needs awareness and practice, we get into the attachments trap very easily…

The teacher of my 5-year old is leaving the school, tomorrow. She was a maternity cover and a temporary resource, so this was always a possibility. But boy did I learn to appreciate her over the past 6 months, including the lockdown when we could experience her online classes. She is just the best. Kindest person, patient, efficient and a loving teacher. My son has grown so fond of her, he was crying when telling me the news about her departure.  Just yesterday he was sad before going to sleep because she won’t be there when its his birthday and he won’t have his birthday party at school thoughtfully arranged by her. It was heart breaking.

At first I was in denial. I messaged the school about the stupid idea to not extend her contract. Then I was clinging. I asked her which school she is going and even considered if maybe we should switch schools. I’ve ensured we have a selfie of them together taken and that I am linked up with her. The last few days I was mentally preparing for her last day, arranging parent’s gift and stimulating Mark to finish his drawing.  And even though I wrote it in the farewell card today,  only tonight after the beach yoga did I finally feel in my Heart: this is part of the constant change process. Her coming in and out of our lives was a great gift we have to be grateful for. Life unfolds as it does, change is a constant. Warmth and gratitude instead of sadness.  

Attachments that we must let go of are here to remind us that everything is always changing, and that once accepted we can enjoy that very fact.

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2 thoughts on “Everything is always changing”

  1. Thank you for sharing this precious personal experience!
    I experienced a few times in my life that the best way is to go with the flow. I tried to keep the current situation even it wasn’t nice situation for me, on the contrary – it was difficult and heavy situation for me. But more of all I was afraid of the change. My concern was that the new situation could be probably even worse than the current situation so I clung to the current situation. But is wasn’t! The new situation brought me more comfort and new insights. So what I learned from it: even if you afraid of the change you should give it a chance. And probably the situation will change to more positive direction you even could hope for.
    Thank you, Marina, for this blog! It helped me to remember how does it work.

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