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I wrote this down more than 5 years ago… It was such an important milestone in my own personal transformation that My Story would not be complete without it, so here it goes…

Less than 2 years ago I was flying back home on a night flight from Singapore…150% heartbroken [in the middle of a totally unexpected marriage break-up situation], I was lucky to sit next to a man, a colleague it turned out, who became my first coach before many to follow…He listened to my story for 8 hours, read the emails, wiped my tears, and he said: “you know, life is like sand: if you have your fingers closed it will slip through it, but if you open your hand you will have a desert..”. I never saw or spoke to him again, but his words helped me come through the next hours upon arrival [meeting my soon-to-be ex-husband] with dignity and laid foundation for the life changes that followed..

Couple of months later, my sister, living in France at the time, gave me a reusable daily calendar, with a piece of wisdom for each day. I still try to look at it each morning at the start of the day, it gives me inspiration and a chance to practice my French.

Today, day 5 after the birth of my beloved son Mark, I decided to turn back the pages I’d missed while giving birth and recovering in the hospital… I started on his birthday, 30th of September. This is what I found…

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