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My story

Why this website

I’ve carried an idea for this website for a couple of years and now it feels like I have enough to share. And I do want to share…

As my transformation journey started, now more than 10 years ago, I actually had a diary for over a year as there was just so much happening on the inside. My original intent was to publish the diary for the benefit of others in a similar situation. That didn’t happen, obviously not meant to be;), but the desire of sharing with others stayed and is unfolding as I type:)

Sharing the insights from the journey so far, the struggles that already disappeared and what has helped me enormously, as well as existing dilemmas of the daily life.

It also contains some practical information about the yoga classes and coaching that I offer. For now, those continue to be my hobby that is slowly getting out of hand and who knows, one day Life might unfold in a different direction…

Why Me

By shining your light you inspire others to shine theirs”

I first realized that you don’t need to be enlightened to start sharing and inspiring others during my yoga teacher training (DNYS). Most of the teachers in that program were pretty open about their personal journeys, but one of them in particular. His not-an-easy life story, the challenges he has had and is still having, as well as the humble way he shared them on several occasions touched me deep in my heart. I felt the connection, the compassion, the love…

And it’s in those moments that I realized that its not about having reached the destination, but its about the journey and the intention of your life that are the most impactful. And I felt that my journey, with all its ups and downs, might also be a source of inspiration and strengths to someone else.

Its not a coincidence that at the end of a Yoga session the teacher and students say ‘Namaste’ to each other. In Sanskrit it means ‘the Light in Me greets the Light in You’…

Some facts


I am a qualified Vinyasa Yoga teacher since 2019, certified with Yoga Alliance, Registration ID 287383. 

I am a qualified Kids Yoga teacher since 2020, certified with Peaceful Babes Kids Yoga

I am currently in training to become a certified Emotional Coach with the Emotional Expertise Center by Vera Helleman


My name is Marina, I am 49 years young and my son is at the beautiful age of 8.


I see a lot of fear, worrying, doubt and other self- destructive behaviours even in my little part of society. My heart’s wish is to invite and inspire those who struggle  to open themselves to the possibility of something different.


The more Individuals are happy on our planet, the happier our Collective will be.


  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Oneness