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What is Your meaning of Easter?

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Lately I find myself redefining the traditional Christian holidays with a deeper personal meaning. That way, Christmas to me is a moment to celebrate spiritual ‘birth’ or awakening of each one of us. I’ve been asking myself the last few days, what is my real message of Easter, past the symbolic story of Jesus cricifiction and resurrection? 

One of my teachers was referring to ‘seeing your cross as your biggest blessing’ few days ago. That resonates. Its not a coincidence, those don’t exist, that I’ve been a witness to a situation unfolding around a friend that one could easily classify as enormous and denifite cross, something that could end one’s life. Yet my understanding of Life forces me to even in this situation keep the trust, that eventually that cross might become this friend’s biggest blessing. Amen.

One step closer to home is that concept that other people are our projection, and that whatever we are condemning in the other actually says something about where we are not free, not accepting ourselves. I heard it for a while and thought I get it in general, couple of days ago I could finally internalize it.  

I am irritated when people are late, especially if they do it often and don’t give a late coming warning. I sometimes struggle with my son’s easy going attitude when we are trying to get out of the door in the morning. 

Well, I an Never late, in fact I am almost always too early, quite often after having gone through the internal stress of rushing and not wanting to be late. Why is that? Why can’t I also allow myself to take my time and not worry if I happen to be a little late as a result of that? That insight alone, asking myself those questions creates some space and softness, realizing that what triggers me in the Other is something I should allow myself to do more of…

To bring this back to Easter, this is seing whatever you condemn as a ‘cross’ in the other as an invitation to liberate yourself, and not judge the other. 

What do you celebrate at Easter? 

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